Why I chose IBM Watson

If you have followed my posts for a while it is easy to see that I like IBM Watson. Even though I write a lot about Cognitive Business and Cognitive Computing it is often connected to products from the Watson Group within IBM. Why is that? Is Watson simply the best? Am I biased? Well, the truth lies in between all of those.

How to make a cognitive movie trailer

Cognitive platforms can improve almost every process available. In cooperation with 20th Century Fox, IBM Watson created a movie trailer for the horror movie Morgon. The trailer was created in 24h and by that reducing the production time from weeks to hours. What do you think of the result?

Tell me what I do not know!

Artificial Intelligence will be a huge part of our daily lives and in our businesses, but what we see today is not always Artificial Intelligence or my preferred term, Augmented Intelligence. It is just re-packed machine learning with a conversational interface. AI and cognitive will need to tell me things I do not already know!

Watson Products, what are they?

Depending on who you talk to, you might get different answers on what Watson Products that exists. Watson products are services that consists of APIs that resides in the cloud. The offerings that exists are Watson hybrids of APIs and traditional IBM software components.

Microsoft Cortana vs IBM Watson

IBM Watson is a brain and Microsoft Cortana is a personal assistant. That is the simple conclusion of Yesterdays Cortana vs Watson (sort of) at The Conference in Malmö. My biggest surprise was that Microsoft Cortana is 100% scripted. Watson is a cognitive platform that actually could complement Cortana’s great features as personal assistant.