Accounting and audit as it should be

Audit and accounting is in need of innovation. By implementing e-signing (Scrive), collaboration tools and document sharing (Dropbox, Box et al) the evolution could at least take a leap jump into the age we live in today.


Great Simians is announcing a new studio company, Dinewhere Dinewhere is a mobile app (and later webb) that will solve two things: Restaurant discovery Great prices Includes only curated better casual and fine dining restaurants Dinewhere will be released to a limited group in September and dependent of the result from that group, to the … Continue reading Dinewhere

FundedByMe raises round through equity-crowdfunding

FundedByMe is an equity-crowdfunding platform. To really show that the believe in changing the financial system they eat their own dogfood and just launched an equity-crowdfunding campaign on their own. UPDATE 2 24/3: FundedByMe reached the stretched goal of 6MSEK and have now opened an oversubscrription list. UPDATE 1 21/3: Now it is 4.5MSEK raised and a new stretch … Continue reading FundedByMe raises round through equity-crowdfunding