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A Great Simian or just another Monkey?

Welcome! This is my little internet home I write as a way to structure my thoughts and get rid of things that are stuck in my head and worth plotting down. Maybe someone finds value in them. Even thought I might write about business, this is my personal place.

Business Posts

Corporate Collaboration is still broken

After all these years and new tools constantly being released, corporate collaboration is still not solved. Collaboration in large corporations is unstructured and scattered all over, without any form of measurement of productivity, information or impact.

Why is unstructured data so important?

Your business is making decisions only on 20% of the information you have access to, this since 80% of your information is unstructured and up until now not able to be fully utilized. It is about time we start to make decisions for our company based on all information we have, not only 20%. All else would be quite stupid, wouldn’t it?

Business Benefits of Natural Language Understanding

I wanted to elaborate on some business examples and in this post you will find two examples: Product Information Cognitive Enrichment and how to utilize Natural Langauge in Customer Relations

Links & Notes

Random findings and notes that could enlighten, surprise or even provoke a bit.

What Mongolian Nomads Can Teach Us About the Digital Future – Wired
People who pack up and transport their house twice a year become choosy about their possessions. Kevin Kelly from the Wired recently traveled among the nomads of Mongolia for two weeks and had a chance to inspect their belongings. He was there to photograph their traditional practices, which were more intact than he expected.

The Complex situation in Syria – The New Yorker
The complexity of the war in Syria explained through the eyes of the citizens s in Saraqib close to (or part of) Idlib. How did the rebellion start? How come al-Qaida (Nusra) got its foothold? What about US, Russia, Turkey etc?

Russian disinformation: From Cold War to Kanye West – NYT
This three-part video is probably the best description I have seen about how disinformation, subversion, and propaganda (or as part of it is called today, Fake News) is forced upon us in today’s digital/cyber-environment. It is a long-play utilized by governments to influence and destabilize countries. Today boosted by speed and reach, all enabled by social media. When viewed from this historical perspective, it suddenly seems very obvious what has happened.

How Macklemore Tapped Major Label Muscle to Market an Indie Album – WSJ
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis won four Grammys Sunday night, including the coveted award for best rap album for 2012’s “The Heist.” Released independently through Macklemore’s own label, Macklemore LLC, the feel-good hip hop album has sold more than 1.2 million copies to date.

Don’t be just a tech company—you want to combine 2 skills that have not been successfully combined before

Reed Hastings

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Personliga sektionen (swe)

Fram tills 31 Maj 2020 troligt mycket om vårt husbygge.

Förhandling och arkitekter

Nästa steg efter att vi köpt tomten var att förhandla och hitta bra arkitekt, dessa två hör dock inte ihop, utan förhandlingen var med Lilla F och inte med arkitekten. Båda två skulle visa sig vara mycket bra på sina områden. Bilden ovan är första skissen vi fick av Madde på Arkkas (arkitekterna vi valde).…

Vi bygger hus!

Tänkte dokumentera vårt husbygge. Framför allt för att kunna gå tillbaka och läsa hur det var när vi var mitt i det, men även för att hålla de runt om oss som är intresserade av att följa bygget lite uppdaterade. Eftersom det är slutet av Augusti 2019 nu och vi köpte tomten i Januari, så…

It has been a while…

I will start to blog more often, but I will not care if anyone reads it, shares it, likes it or hates it. I will write since , for me, it is a great way to structure my thoughts…and also…I like and miss blogging.