Lived in three countries, lost 20kg, sold a company, invested in 3 and starting a new one.
To do a quick summary of 2013 is hard, probably one of the hardest years ever to look back and try to, in short words, describe.


On a personal level the main thing is that I have re-gained my control over my body. A decade of decadance (remember the Mötley Crue album?) is over. Almost 20kg lighter and now back to the way it should be, eat healthy and excercise regulary.

Main acheivements

  1. Changed the way I eat and lost 18kg (from 96kg to 78kg today)
  2. Ran Singapore Marathon (42 195m in a sauna). It was a tough one with the high humidity and all, but pushed through.
  3. Did Singapore Commando Challenge (12km with 25 really tough obstacles). Was great fun!
  4. Excercised minimum 2 days a week the entire year, no exceptions.
  5. Walked a lot instead of taking car/bus/taxi.

I also think I have become a better person this year. I have spent a lot of time with people I admire and learn from. I think I am in a stage of life were I reflect a lot and want to learn from those with greater knowledge. One of my best teachers have been my friend Okk. He has in just being him, made me realize new ways to look at life. I am honored to be able to call him my friend. I have also learnt a lot from all the different cultures and religions I have bounced into during the year. The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know.

I have started to get very attracted to the buddist way of looking at life. One task for 2014 will be to learn more about buddism.

I am also humbled to have met many new friends during 2013. It is not an easy task at my age with family, work and all the other things happening.

2013 have been a fantastic year for me as a person in every possible way. I am very happy with how 2013 turned out. I am also full of confidence for 2014.


Without them I would be a less of a person, love them more then life and I am honored to be able to spend so much time with them, it is a fortune not everyone have and I sincerely appreciate it to the fully. We have during this year lived 4 months in Thailand, 3 months in Sweden and 5 months in Singapore. Our daughter have gone to Swedish School in Thailand, school in Sweden and International School in Singapore (ISS International School). She enjoys the school in Singapore the most of the three.

Since I was not working operational in any company from August til December I had a lot of time to support our daughter in her new school (everything is in english that she did not know), doing homework and just make sure her move to Singapore was great. Well needed for us to spend a bit more time together.


2013 started out as a year as many others lately. Silverbakk was moving in the right direction and we showed growth and a healthy business With great clients. It was also time for change and I sold most of my share (still on the board and as an strategic advisor). I left the daily operation and left the CEO role to Magnus. Between August and December I networked a lot and also made some angel investments in companies I strongly believe in. Clean Motion, FundedByMe and Newton Circus. It was nice to wind down a bit after a lot of hard work for a couple of years, but I missed building a company, so I started to carv out the strategy for my next venture. More on that in January 2014.

I have met tons of fantastic people since moving to Singapore, some of them am I already doing business with and others I hope to work closely with soon as well. Singapore is easy in many ways, but also tough. So far I love everything with Singapore from a business perspective, but I am also new to Singapore so maybe in a year I will be able to give a more correct and experienced view.

2013 have again been the year of change. It is now time to build for the future and execute on the plans I have now set in motion. I have done a lot of mistakes and have learnt a lot during my previous ventures, so now it is time to put that knowledge to work and build a new company.

2014 will be the year of execution, it is the year when things will happen.