FundedByMe is an equity-crowdfunding platform. To really show that the believe in changing the financial system they eat their own dogfood and just launched an equity-crowdfunding campaign on their own.

UPDATE 2 24/3: FundedByMe reached the stretched goal of 6MSEK and have now opened an oversubscrription list.
UPDATE 1 21/3: Now it is 4.5MSEK raised and a new stretch goal is set to 6MSEK!

3 233 420 SEK in 32h (USD 540 000)

…and 6 000 000 in just 6 days.

The goal was a round of 3.000.000 SEK (app US$500000) and in 32h from launch they raised 100%. That is impressive

Invest in FundedByMe you too! I did!

The capmaign: FundedByMe equity-crowdfunding campaign
e27: Shares of equity crowdfunding platform FundedByMe up for grabs!
Techcrunch: Equity Crowdfunding Platform FundedByMe To Raise ~€315K, Adds Crowd-Lending Option

Fun Fact: The person on the startscreen of the video (the last few seconds of the actual video) is a Singaporean intern at the FundedByMe office in Stockholm. KTH and NUS (National University of Singapore) has a great exchange program.

Personally I have both invested as an angel previously, but have also reserved shares in this round. I am a strong believer in this kind of financial eco-system that changes the rules and make them more entrepreneur-friendly. It also makes the money go back into the hands of the crowd and not to disapear in the financial cloud.