Cutting the Slack

Slack is taking over the world, Slack is killing e-mail, and so on, we have all heard the rants of the very much hyped company valued at billions and with an impressive user base. It does decrease e-mail usage and help teams stay in contact and solve problems quickly with everyone informed. It also comes with some real disadvantages.

Transparency is the future

Transparency will be the key to success in the era of artificial intelligence and cognitive. With all new technology also comes new challenges. In the artificial intelligence and cognitive area of technology one main challenge is how to manage privacy and integrity.

Hire a Refugee! Welcome Talent!

Today people flee for their lives from horrible situations, they flee to survive and often without any belongings as well as often leaving loved ones behind. We, people in a countries without this state of emergency, that are not at war and have fairly good living-standard can do something to help these people. This post is about how we can help them professionally, as well as humans.