Is Chef Watson included in IBMs new Watson Ad product? Chef Watson is the most publicly talked about Watson use-case, after Jeopardy I assume. Chef Watson takes a scientific approach to cooking and creates dishes that on a molecular level as well as cognitive level should fit together, it creates some pretty interesting recipes, but yet mostly tastes really good (yes, I have tasted dishes made by Chef Watson), but where did Chef Watson go?

Can I buy Chef Watson? Can I use an API all consume the brilliance of Chef Watson? Or was it just a gimmick to be used as marketing for IBM?

Well, none of the above it seems, even though the API example might be close, and naturally, marketing plays a part as well, but no, none seems fully correct.

Nonetheless, Chef Watson is still available for us all to play with at

Is Chef Watson commercially available?

The initial and most interesting question must be: Can a company pay for access to Chef Watson and integrate capabilities in their business applications?

The answer seems to NO. Have been involved in discussions where companies (large global ones) have tried to acquire access, but been denied by IBM. The reason given has been that the Chef Watson team has been focused on the Watson Ads initiative. Watson Ads?

What does Chef Watson has to do with Watson Ads……and more importantly, what is Watson Ads? Does IBM nowadays produce ads or ad-tech?

What is Watson Ads?

watson ads chef watson

An example is Campell Soup that is an early advertiser using Watson Ads. If you visit a site with a Watson Ad from Campell you can start to chat and ask about recipes etc. Naturally, the answer will be recipes based on Campbells products. You can play with the ads on As an ad product it is actually pretty cool and I hope many companies start to use this format instead of dumb banners etc, these are both in context and has a way higher level of engagement, which probably lead to better conversions.

watson adsWatson Ads seems to be a product brought to life by the Weather Company (acquired by IBM a while ago and a part of Watson). The product is an ad format that acts like a chatbot. The chatbot is listening to your questions and replies with contextual replies that suggest ways to consume the products of the company whose ad you are chatting with.

So, finally I have understood, what I believe is, the reason for the Chef Watson team being involved with the Watson Ad product.

I want Chef Watson APIs

I am not entirely sure that ad-tech is a great fit for IBM, I am not either entirely convinced that directing the Chef Watson team towards an ad product is the best use of those brilliant people, but now that the Watson Ad product is out there, they might go back to providing the capabilities of Chef Watson to others. Hopefully, the components of Chef Watson can be a part of the Watson APIs as the capabilities from Weather Company and the other Watson APIs that are already available. Would love to do some interesting things with a Chef Watson API.