Great Simians is announcing a new studio company, Dinewhere

Dinewhere is a mobile app (and later webb) that will solve two things:

  1. Restaurant discovery
  2. Great prices
  3. Includes only curated better casual and fine dining restaurants

Dinewhere will be released to a limited group in September and dependent of the result from that group, to the hole world as soon as possible. Do sign up to be one of the first to try Dinewhere out.

Discover only those great restaurants

How many times have you not been in the office or at home and though “Where should we eat tonight?”….and always end up at the same restaurant as you usually do. In 30s you want to find a restaurant that suits your need and also be able to book a table at that restaurant. You have tried Yelp, Foursquare, Open Table, Tripadvisor, Google etc but the variety is to wide, too many choices. You just want the a great casual or fine dining restaurant in the area you want and then book it. Well, that is Dinewhere.

Dinewhere will offer a curated list of great restaurants for you. All curated by the team as well as by the users. Filter and sort by location, type of cousin, area, ratings etc. Simply no bad restaurants.

With just a few clicks you will have made the booking.

Fine dining at a great price

This is as straight forward as it gets. We will offer great discounts on the restaurants we have partnered with. Only the best restaurants at great prices, sounds kind of nice doesn’t it?

We will have those great prices for all restaurants that are available in Dinewhere. Also it is for the entire menu, so no fixed menus or just on some choices.

Too good to be true?

With the risk of sounding as a sleezy salesperson with that headline I still believe that above two points of value delivered will be a great product that really solve two problems. They are also totally independent of each other.

For some, the discovery feature is the greatest value. To find a great restaurant really fast and since it is curated you know it is a verified great choice.

For others, the price Dinewhere can offer compared to what you would pay if going without doing the reservation through Dinewhere is in it self a great value proposition for the app. Eat fantastic food, have a great experience and pay less.

The name Dinewhere?

Dinewhere will be a global product. The team will launch in Singapore first, this to be close to the users and the restaurants (since it is a Singapore company) and to be able to iterate when the very first beta is launched. As soon as possible Dinewhere will aim to launch in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, Barcelona, London, Paris, Stockholm etc. No committed plan in terms of cities is in place yet, so stay tuned for the decided list.

With this in mind the name and especially the URL becomes kind of a fun game with words. For Singapore the URL will be: and for Hong Kong it will be etc.

Dinewhere is a product that will help you find a great place to eat at a really great price. Dine where?