Yep, the title is a selling title, but it is just a short post with five bullets that describes what benefits a cognitive business will have towards a traditional one.

  1. A better customer experience
  2. Personalization and knowledge in your area of business
  3. Productivity
  4. Empower employees and find expertice
  5. Never forget, everything is analyzed, always

As a bonus, a cognitive business never misses information, never forgets and never wonder on what fileserver, in what mail or in what news article something was written. All hidden data like information in documents, images, sounds etc are all accessable in this new era of business.

Just think what impact this will have on your business. A co-worker that never forgets what he read and he reads very fast (by 800M pages per second actually). I say:

Lets give him a really nice salary and put him to work.

Photo: Taken from a British Airways flight from London recently.