Google Natural Language vs Watson Natural Language Understanding

4 thoughts on “Google Natural Language vs Watson Natural Language Understanding”

  1. Does the pricing differ if I impose a limit on extra features in a NLU item. for e.g : For Entities NLU item, if I remove emotion and sentiment from response, would it impact in pricing or it will remain same.

    1. Hi Amit,
      Yes, every enrichment feature is considered one item, so if you limit the enrichment features, pricing will decrease, if you add additional ones, the pricing increases etc. Having said that, it seems that pricing does not increase or decrease if you add / remove sub-features. In my tests, it seems this way anyway and it seems hard to find any documentation supporting this.

  2. Hi, Please I have a quick question regarding the Watson’s NLU ‘Categories’. Is there a way to tweak it for a situation where it gives a lower score for a right category and a higher score for a wrong category.
    Thank you.

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