My last blog post is dated 14th of August 2018, over a year ago. I have posted some Menems (more on that below), but that does not really count, or does it?

I will start to blog more often, but I will not care if anyone reads it, shares it, likes it or hates it. I will write since , for me, it is a great way to structure my thoughts…and also…I like and miss blogging.

Internet has changed…and so have I

Since deleting my Facebook account and not being as active online as I have been for the last 20 years, I have changed my behaviour in regards to what I want to consume and also what I want to share / post. Simply put, I have lost interest in internet and primarily social and online news (incl many large media outlets).

I miss blogging

I started my first blog 2002, it was a “real” blog i.e a personal blog, It was about a guy from Stockholm that moved to a small island on the westcoast in Sweden. It actually was a surrealistic experience since that blog created a lot of local controversy on this small island. Controversy takes energy and the fun disappeared, I shut it down.

At the same time I started “Next Generation Internet” that was all about how internet would impact our business environment, with a focus on web2.0 and social (this was pre-Twitter and pre-Facebook). NextGen got a lot more attention than I ever thought it would. Honestly, I do not know why I deleted NextGen, but it ended up deleted without a backup somewhere around 2012. Over the years NextGen got more and more focused on online communication and collaboration and it was also due to this focus and the feedback I got from my writing that I started my consultancy business and later Silverbakk.

When I left Silverbakk I was quite tired of online communication, but still wanted to have a blog, so this blog was born, without a clear focus, but rather a Fredrik Stenbeck placeholder on the world wide web. As with most things, you do what you enjoy and that has been mirrored on over the years. Much less frequent post, but you can still see patterns and what I have been focusing on over the years.

…and then there was silence…

I think I was stuck in the idea that I had to build an audience and have a focus, most recently it was AI (in the enterprise), and that I had to stick to that focus for a while and not have different topics for every post etc. I was stuck in the SEO Google ranking game as well as dopamine seeking like, retweet, comment game to feel the rush of success.

I also think that blogging is more important than ever, bring back control over our thoughts, writing and reading as well as brake free digesting information in push-notifications, snippets and tid-bits.

I do not give a f**k if you tweet or share!

From now on, I will write what comes to mind. It could be about whatever. Also, I will not share links on Twitter or Facebook etc, not links to blogpost on this blog or links to other things online I think could inspire or be of value to others, but I will post them on this blog as Menems.

Why write if I do not care if anyone reads?

Well, for me blogging has never been about attracting an audience, but with attention that drug comes as part of the package unfortunately. Given my lack of blogging and lack of desire for attention over the last couple of years, I think I will stick to the main reason for my blogging, for me it is simply a great way to structure my thoughts and putting them into writing helps me digest and crunch my thoughts on different topics.

I have tried doing this in a dairy, but always failed. The thought that others can read what I write makes me focus at least slightly more than have notes plotted in a dairy.

Who knows, someone might find value, inspiration, or maybe spark a thought. That would be enough for me, no sharing of retweeting necessary!


I have always loved linkblogs and for many years published linkblogposts on my blogs. Best example was from the Google Reader era, when it was easy to comment on great posts and then publish them on my own blog as a daily digest of great posts.

Menem is my version of this, but I will also use it for notes and reflections. The word Menem comes from my daughter as a mispronunciation for the Swedish word “Nämen” from when she was a kid. “Nämen” is a surprised “really?” or “I did not know that”. Some Menems will go in the main flow, but most will only be found in the Menem section.

Yes, this is a meta post

Did I just write a long blog post about blogging? Yes I did! Who cares? This post states just that, no one needs to ‘give a s**t’, I blog because I want to, this is my dance-floor and this post is a meta post about blogging, read it, or don’t!!