Let’s skip the 40h work week

Do you have a 40h work week in your employee contract, but still read e-mails in the evenings and on vacation? We should either measure all activities we do or let everyone have unlimited vacation and no fixed work hours. I vote for the latter.

This post is mainly a statement and a foundation in how I think work should be measured in a modern company in this century.

The basics of most employee contracts today

  1. Most companies still measure work in amount of hours per week (40h work week etc).
  2. Most companies still “give” employees X amount of days / weeks of vacation.
  3. Deliverables and role descriptions are often fluffy and not measurable

How should work be measured then?

  1. Have very clear expectations and deliverables for each role. Updated and followed up continously. If possible a real-time dashboard for each employee should exist.
  2. As much vacation as the employee want, it is all about what the employee deliver anyway.
  3. No work hours and work wherever you want, but required participation in team and company event naturally.

Many individuals have roles that are not deliverables driven, but there are always KPIs that can be implemented and measured no matter what role you have.

If you can’t measure it, you are just guessing.

And who want to be percieved as a guesser in the office.

I say, lets go surfing and leave you with the ultimate verison of what I describe above, Patagonia. Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia Founder, is a cool dude who created a really fascinating company as well as company culture and mission (here is the Patagoinia Mission statement for the curious). Another example of company that have implemented this is Netflix.

I am confident this is good for business, good for personal devlopment and good for life!

The top photo is from a work-trip to Bali, thought it fit this post pretty well.

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