So, one month ago I passed the one year mark living in Singapore. I wrote a few posts when we arrived here. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since.

Most of my initial impressions are still valid, the school system in the international schools are fantastic.

It is clean, maybe too clean sometimes, I also get the impression that the cleanness is dependent on how  many cleaners there are and not at all connected to the cleanness of the people in Singapore.

It is safe. Damn safe to be honest. As a father with an 8 year old daughter, I could not possible feel safer.

Is it a democracy? Well, this is one of those questions that are really hard to answer, do google or check Wikipedia for the academic answer, from a person who just moved here 13 months ago, this country is run like a machine or like a large corporation. If things are broken, they are fixed, if things are needed to grow the country in the future, let’s focus on those markets that will make it possible, in comparison with most other countries I have gained some insight into the governmental structure and the people working there, I must say that they intellectual level on the people working in many government agencies are just amazing. It is actually a very attractive career path for many.

Most things simply work.

As a Swede I am extremely impressed with the tax system. As a citizen of Singapore it is not much that differs in what you get for your tax money, but the taxes in them selves differ tremendously.