The Startup Struggle

I am currently reading Ben Horowitz book The Hard Thing About Hard Things. I have not come even half yet, but is sincere and it tells the truth about how it is to run a startup. So many books tend to give advice and tell you how you should or shouldn’t do. Ben only tell … Continue reading The Startup Struggle

FundedByMe raises round through equity-crowdfunding

FundedByMe is an equity-crowdfunding platform. To really show that the believe in changing the financial system they eat their own dogfood and just launched an equity-crowdfunding campaign on their own. UPDATE 2 24/3: FundedByMe reached the stretched goal of 6MSEK and have now opened an oversubscrription list. UPDATE 1 21/3: Now it is 4.5MSEK raised and a new stretch … Continue reading FundedByMe raises round through equity-crowdfunding

Ethics in business

There is only one thing in business that makes me really angry, when people lack ethics. It makes me furious. In it’s essence business is about relationships and people. I love the dynamics on the road to a great business opportunity …or a failed one. I love the hard discussions, the joy, the challenges, the … Continue reading Ethics in business