Yesterday I wrote a lengthy ramble on what we need to change with the internet today. Much was about how we and others use our personal data to mislead us (propaganda, fake news, alternative facts, behavioral analysis and psychometrics), but then I realized that I have actually written about this before, more than a year ago. In the below post “Transparency is the future”.

Transparency is the future

At that time none of what I wrote yesterday was public knowledge (that does not mean it did not happen), but AI, cognitive and psychographic profiling (e.g. Personality Insight with Big 5 / OCEAN, sentiment etc) was starting to be seen as important. I then realized a big challenge in all the data that is available and what actually could happen if we did not think things through. The key takeaways are:

Transparency have long be pushed down in the value-chain in favor of capitalizing on our private data, companies like Facebook, Google and others that have as a business-model to re-sell your data to companies that want to reach you with their message. Their business model is to sell your data, you are the product.

This will not compute in the era of AI and cognitive. We will, in my opinion, be much more restricted in what we share about ourselves if we do not feel safe and secure.

We and everyone else in the segment need to be fully transparent about the following:

  1. How we store the data
  2. How we keep it safe
  3. That personal information is not shared and are truly personal
  4. Provide info on the reasoning on the answers provided
  5. Provide evidence that backs the answers that are provided

Only then can a artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies really become as successful as they are expected to become.

Well, we did not think things through and now we have, misleading information and propaganda all over the place and our behavior online is constantly being profiled and then targeted…….but what is really sad is that we could have prevented it.

It is all our fault, we cannot blame anyone else!

… unfortunately, we did not decide to guard our personal data or to be transparent in what way the data is used!

It is all our fault, we cannot blame anyone else!

Photo: Kallbadhuset in Helsingborg (no I do not dip voluntarily in Swedish waters, too bloody cold), taken during a dog walk an early morning in March 2017.