We are leaving Singapore in a couple of weeks. Naturally I already recognize things we will miss. One of the major things is what is shown in the picture. All the multi-cultural / multi-national relationships in our daily lives.

The picture shows our daughter with her best friend. A Swedish and a Japaneese girl hand in hand on Orchard Road.

Why is this important? It creates a more enlightened world. If we just take these two girls, they know so much about each other’s cultures and countries since they have seen each other every day for a long time. We will also have the honor of having this particular family for visit in Sweden this summer. Our daughter has friends from countries on all continents and most religions. She will miss it, but we are also happy to have given her the opportunity to learn, it is something she will carry with her for the rest of her life.

This is by no means applicable only to the young ones, it is one of the things I personally will miss the most as well. Learning about other cultures, countries and religion…..and lets not forget all the wonderful food from all parts of the world.

Singapore is a truly multi-cultural, multi-religion and multi-national country (goes for the food as well). Thank you Singapore for being such a great country in that way!

This is something that truly bridges gaps and creates a better world, by understanding and knowing more about our peers in this world.