Sweden and Singapore are competitive countries

World Economic Forum today released The Global Competitiveness Report 2014-2015. The report is as always a joy to read for a Swede living in Singapore. Two fantastic countries when it comes to innovation and competitiveness.

About Sweden the report have the following text in their excerpt:

10. Sweden, despite a rather stable competitiveness profile across all areas, falls four places this year. Overall the country boasts important strengths across the board, with strong institutions, excellent infrastructure and healthy macroeconomic conditions. Perhaps more importantly, Sweden has managed to create the right set of conditions for innovation and scores very high in many of the dimensions that are key to creating a knowledge-based society.

About Singapore the report says the following:

2. Singapore ranks second overall for the fourth consecutive year, owing to an outstanding and stable performance across all the dimensions of the Global Competitiveness Index. Again this year, Singapore is the only economy to feature in the top three in seven of the pillars; it also appears in the top 10 of two other pillars.

World Economic Forum have two great articles with a lot of data and links for the nerd, so I thought I would just share two photos that kind of highlights how Sweden and Singapore are holding up, pretty good I would say.

sweden-global competitiveness

most big companies per city

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