A Great Simian or just a Monkey


Molecular Coffee

Is it just a fun thing to develop coffee in a lab or is it even a good thing not only for coffee lovers but also for the environment?

Seattle based Atomo Coffee is working on a coffee that is produced without coffee-beans. It is all natural ingredients like watermelon and sunflower seeds etc. It is vegan and does not need any regulatory approvals. It is also free from all allergen components.

Cnet did an interview with the founders and well as a tasting and compared Atomos cold brew with other brands.

Climate change and coffee

Atomo also target the fact that the raising global temperature has an impact on how fast coffee grows (grows faster) and that it impacts the quality of the coffee-beans. Atomo wants to complement, not replace regular coffee-beans, but with the raising demand for coffee they want to provide alternatives to regular coffee-beans.


They are working or a “coffee-bean” as well, so that we still can put all the art-of-making-a-coffee to work and still use our very expensive coffee-making equipment.

Even though I am not fully convinced that a molecular coffee is something we really need (rather make a better system with focus on the farmers etc), I am looking forward to try it. Not everything that is great is needed on the other hand.

The Perfect Coffee Cup

As every single person that knows me know, I love coffee. Even though I was aware of the impact of a great cup, I have to admit I am a novice. Thanks to my coffee loving collegues Peter and Svante I have now entered the world of coffee cups.

The dynamics and design of a coffee cup

Who thought the cup was so important? Well, it is. The below picture is pretty clear on the important stuff. I especially like the “Great Mouth Feel”, that is never to be forgotten. When you think of it, most of the design facts are pretty straight forward, but how many of us, do actually put weight into that when we are about to buy coffee cups? From now on I am.

percect coffee cup

notNeutral – The Perfect Cup

After the coffee cup discussion had surfaced a few time, Svante realized what I needed and brought a notNeutral Cappuccino cup with him to one of our meetings. I was sold, now trying to enforce a complete rewamp of our coffee cup inventory, going all in on notNeutral. notNeutral supplies all cups needed for an addict like me. Actually counted our coffee cups at home to over fourty, only three of those (one being the notNeutral gift from Svante and Peter) fulfill the “The Perfect Cup” criterias. I will succeed in convincing the rest of the family that it is worth it and absolutely necessary.

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