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watson price and language update

Watson Language and Price Update

Since publishing the post on what languages Watson supports and how much Watson actually cost, those posts have generated outstanding most visits on this blog. Since Watson is constantly updated I thought it was time to update those posts since the Watson language post is from Dec 2015 and the Watson price / cost post is from August 2016.

I will in this post just point out some major updates and differences, the complete tables of languages and prices etc are in the respective original post.

New, discontinued and merged Watson APIs

14 Watson APIs.png

Today there are 13 APIs available with a lot of merging happening. Well, there is actually 14 listed today, but Tradeoff Analytics is already discontinued, so 13 is the correct amount. Just recently a few APIs have either merged or been discontinued. Dialog is now only available through Conversation (no more XML horror), Alchemy is fully integrated and all the visual / image APIs are merged to one. I like this change even though it is kind of the opposite of what IBM told us a year ago when the stated there would be 50 APIs released. To be honest it is a lot easier to work with 14 then 50, so great to see this merge happening. This might naturally lead to the notion that you pay for more features per API than you actually need, but overall IBM has lowered the price, so that is not currently a risk. I only found one service where the things had changed in a negative way, and then it was only the free option for Language Translation, it has decreased from 1.000.000 free characters to 250.000.

Update: What does Watson cost?

Below are some notable changes to the Watson pricing.

Natural Language Understanding: Compared to Alchemy Language, the entry level has decreased from $0.007 to $0.003 per call, which is a significant decrease in price. Secondly, customized models have decreased from $3500 to $800 so also a price decrease. Otherwise very similar structure.

Conversation: Price decrease as well, from $0.0089 per call to $0.0025 per call.

Language Translation: Primarily a 75% decrease in free translations from 1.000.000 to 250.000. The only service that is updated in a negative way.

Visual Recognition: More than 50% reduction in price for Custom Classifier Training per image. This is great since that is a key feature in Visual Recognition that no one else is offering. IBM also removed the fee for storing the custom model.

Discovery News: Is the old Alchemy News. Fee model is integrated into the Discovery service instead as prior in the Alchemy Language service.

Discovery: A new search engine service, so updated the table with the pricing for this service.

No change to the rest.

Head over to the updated post “What does Watson cost? What is the price?” to see the updates.

Update: What languages does Watson support?

Unfortunately not so many updates as one would have hoped for during the 1.5 years that have passed since my initial post on the topic, still there are some changes. First the documentation is now a lot better and most services have a “supported language” section available, not all, but most. I assume the merging of some services has enforced some structuring of both the APIs as well as the documentation, which is very notable in the Natural Language Understanding documentation. Prior it was scattered all over and documented in so many places it was hard to keep track, now it is all displayed in a nice table (which is included in my post as well). Outside of that, there are just a few languages added to the APIs.

In the table, I have tried my best to provide accurate links as well, so it is easier to find updates on the languages and to read more if needed.

Now, head over to the updated post “What languages does Watson support” to see the updates.

watson cost

What does Watson Cost? What is the Price?

UPDATE: The Watson price table below is now updated as of April 24th 2017. Differences from the prior table are documented in my Watson Pricing and Language Updates post, where I have documented the differences in pricing as well as changes in what languages Watson supports since my last post on Watson language support from Dec 2015. Only the table below is updated. The table from Aug 2016 is still available here.

How much does Watson cost? What is the price model? Enterprise software price models are never easy and when entering the API-era it does not get simpler, but it often gets more open. This is all applicable to Watson. Unfortunately, the Watson cost is split, much like what languages that Watson supports, it is listed in different places for each service / API. For my own pleasure (not entirely true) I created a cheat sheet. It is included below both as a link to the actual Google Spreadsheet as well as an embedded table.

Worth noting is that these are the public pricing and I am fairly confident that they stick pretty hard to this structure, but there are discounts involved for partners and enterprises, these are not entirely public, but since being involved with some products / projects I know they are pretty fair.

Also worth noting is that most of the services has a premium offering to move from the public shared cloud and instead go for a “single tenant instance” / private cloud setup that will ensure better encryption and compute-level isolation. I have an upcoming post on security coming up as well.

The source of the prices included in the document is from both the Watson Services Catalog as well as the Watson services on Bluemix.

This post is more of sharing then trying to make a statement or write an intelligent post, it is simply sharing an aggregated sheet I made and maybe others can find it useful in some way.

Watson Cost and Price Model Cheat Sheet

UPDATE: 31st of July: New pricing for Discovery Service and Discovery News. Post from IBM: “New pricing for Watson Discovery Service“.

Watson Price & Cost table

The cover photo is from a visit to NASDAQ in NYC a while back

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