Bad things often have positive sides, so does Corona / Covid-19. Companies have struggled for many years with the digital transformation and hired tons of expensive consultants as well as huge investments in tools and products, all to make the digital transformation happen. It has been slow, expensive and tough. Few large enterprises have succeeded at scale.

Suddenly we get the Corona pandemic and it happens by itself. One could wonder why it did not happen without a pandemic. Probably the answer is simple:

We as humans and as a businesses are not very adaptable to change unless we are forced.

With Corona, we are forced to change our behaviour to stay healthy and to assist in not spreading the virus. Digital is a necessary infrastructure for both our society and business to stay safe and function.

Corona is not positive in any way, but some consequences are definitely positive.

Stay safe out there and welcome to the digital transformation.

Photo: Private, taken in Livigno 22 Feb 2020, a time when Italy (or the rest of Europe) not fully had realised what they were facing. The emptiness in the system is because it is Saturday and not due to the virus. Saturdays are always empty in Livigno.